Your opinion: The myth of the drilling permit

Your opinion: The myth of the drilling permit

Daniel Kliethermes

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Dear Editor:

Well, President Biden has finally stopped importing oil from Russia, but that won’t hurt Russia because they can get oil from Syria and other pro-Russia countries. It might hurt them a bit, but the loss isn’t that bad. Now he wants to blame Russia for the rise at the pumps. Asked by a reporter about this, he smiled and blamed the Russians. What a real president we have. He will not open drilling in the United States because he wants Americans to use electric cars and move away from fossil fuels. Now, gas prices here are $3.99 a gallon right now, but according to AAA, the nationwide average price is $4.25 a gallon and will go up over time. Why does he let the senses. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, John Kerry and US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her team controlling the US wallet and putting them in poverty because they don’t care? It doesn’t affect them. If so, why is Senator John Kerry still flying the jet he owns? Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Jen Psaki about the drilling permits still held by the EPA and she said the permits were there but the oil companies wouldn’t choose them. But she declined to tell reporters that the EPA enforces many strict rules when requested. For example, if they are approved for a permit, they must buy it (the land) and hope there is oil on the ground lease permit. An oil company won’t do it because if there’s no oil on that land lease or if they’re tapping into a small pocket, they’ll have spent millions and millions on the permit. Basically, you are buying a property hoping it has gold in it and if there isn’t, you’ve wasted your money. This is how land leases work. What a pot it is. So if someone tells you that there are permits but the companies are not picking them up, it’s not their fault.

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