What is the role of an IPO?

IPO is an abbreviation for Initial Public Offering, which means that the company offers its new shares to the public for the very first time. In a way, the company chooses to cede its ownership to the stakeholders.

Every business needs funds to expand its business, merge or acquire other businesses due to which IPOs are introduced in the market, as a good amount of funds are raised through the process.

Initial public offerings are seen as a big deal in stock market calendars because the company can use it as a marketing venture for its products and services for new customers in the market.

Purpose of the IPO

Every time a company goes public, it is assumed that it has been successful and needs funds to grow further. IPOs can also be introduced for mergers and acquisitions, in case a company plans to acquire another company, it can offer its share as payment.

The IPO is also a rewarding time for business owners as they earn millions the day the company decides to go public as they take a large share of the initial shares of the stock.

Function of IPO in Economics

The number of initial public offerings issued at a time explains the state of the economy and the stock market. As during the recession, few investors consider it worth investing in stocks, as the stock market itself declines during recessions and depressions.

Whereas if IPOs see a boom in their bidding then one can conclude that the economy is in repair mode and the economy is running again and it is fruitful to invest and the economy has a wide range of opportunities at the moment.

IPOs are considered a crucial time for the stock market as investors can earn a good amount of funds over the long term if the chosen company has performed well in the market.

Choosing a company to invest in their respective IPOs is extremely crucial as it can either multiply your investment or wipe it out.

In addition, SEBI reviews companies before they put their shares on the market and provides all the necessary information to investors so that investors are informed and can make an informed decision.

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