UK sectors most likely to be affected by staff shortages at Omicron | Coronavirus

The cabinet was told that the increase in Covid-19 infections as a result of Omicron would likely lead to staff shortages across industries and sectors, similar to the pingemia that was triggered by millions of people who have turned themselves around. self-isolated during the summer. Schools and health facilities are also likely to face a significant challenge. Here is an overview of each sector.

Health care

Senior NHS leaders said they expected staff illness and self-isolation to have a significant impact. Dave Bramley, clinical director of emergency care at Sunderland Royal, told the Newcastle Chronicle that staff are already working extra shifts to cover colleagues who are self-isolating.

Hospitals in England have been ordered to offload as many patients as possible as staff prepare for increased Covid admissions while battling staff illness. Downing Street has rejected reports that hospitals are expected to close due to understaffing.


One in 30 primary school students in England was absent from class last week for reasons related to Covid, according to government statistics.

Figures released by the Ministry of Education showed a record 146,000 primary school students were absent as of December 9, or 3.3%, the total including a record 65,900 with confirmed cases of Covid -19. 56,700 others had left with suspected cases.

The data also revealed that an increasing number of teachers are absent for Covid-related reasons, with a 2.4% reduction in all public schools in England, down from 2% two weeks earlier. Most of those who had not been released came from primary schools.

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