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This final year 2021 has seemed like a decade for this scribbled senior citizen – a geezer in his own right – not only because of the way things were and are developing in the world, but because of the speed of these relentless developments and random, that is, storms, the election of a new president, the economy, and of course, the coronavirus. Plus, in this fast-paced digital age that we are all rushing through, it’s absolutely impossible to absorb and assimilate all of the information and entertainment thrown at us minute by minute. Therefore, we have to be judicious and choose what we are looking at in order to achieve a certain degree of objectivity and balance.

With all of this in mind, we need to somehow have fun countering – as the late author Dorothy Parker would say – the cool hell that is served to us during the daily news cycles going on in our tumultuous world. Said news cycle is a roller coaster of many twists and turns and heart-wrenching turns. I know, that was a cool metaphor.
To find a certain balance, I read books, work, play with our dogs, break my wife’s lips as she does mine, write, sail, mumble by myself while riding my electric bike, watch television; very little television, aimless driving in my car and listening to music and, um,
news stations, drink lots of coffee, and date my fiancee who likes to dress up in cool outfits. This is how she rides and I wear my standard togs and just go for the ride. (The nocturnal rendezvous is our constant nod to normality.)

On date night, we always sit in the same seats by the fireplace and get the same food at George’s, as that’s one less decision we have to make in these days of aforementioned information overload. This is a simple exercise and has served us well in Rona’s times. In 2021 I surprised myself and my wife and crossed another bridge in geezer realm. Over the past holiday season, I got big on all of the Christmas lights display. It all started with a challenge with a light word from our neighbor, and this thug got a little carried away, much to my wife’s chagrin.
When a glove is thrown at an Irish slum wiseass like me; I’m on top of things and I won’t give up on my opponent. I will win; it is a fait accompli. And, I won. Also, when discussing next year’s exhibition with my wife, I referred to decorative lights as “my lights”. She rolled her eyes. Without a doubt, I will go bigger next year.
Putting aside the battle of light bulbs for home decorating, the aforementioned less controversial activities can be relaxing as we step out of our own way and let go of the attempt to control the activity.

It may sound like a very esoteric, high IQ observation, but in reality it is not. Life can be fun if we get out of the way and let her do what she is going to do. For example, note the following: I love writing because it’s just about managing eight parts of speech and creating shape and balance out of the chaos in my often bewildered mind; I often find myself surprised by what flies on the blank page. And it’s fun to start.
Electric bike ? What there’s not to love about this insane wheelie activity. Hell, you can learn to ride a bike when you’re a kid and still ride the road when you’re nine years old. Win Win. Television is totally arbitrary these days because there is a product for anyone with a pulse and a recliner, television, or iPhone. Same problem with reading a book; there are books on everything and for all tastes. If tabloid details and nonsense are your thing, all you need is a Google app to burn out a lot of daylight.
When it comes to going out to a restaurant with a roaring fireplace in the cold of winter with a woman who always cleans really well, well, you can’t beat that. (Hopefully we can continue our date nights this winter as we move through the pandemic, and security protocols provide a safe dining experience. I will only support a restaurant that requires proof of vax. The result is us. will tell.)
If we’ve learned anything over the past year, it’s that there are daily reminders that we have very little control over certain results; However, we can play strong defense.
Yet while receiving bewildering and mixed messages from various Facebook experts, I will defer to the doctors who base their conclusions on science. Or, my daughter Emily, who is a science enthusiast who has a lot of skin in the game: child, husband and other close family members. Ahem, she’s also quite opinionated.
The logic I’m using here is that if I go down with the Rona or some derivative variant, you can bet the farm that I’ll be seeing my doctor or my daughter and not some Facebook prodigy or some ivermectin vendor or woman. I’ll leave it to science; as I always have because there are too many doctors in my family. Hey, but it’s just me.
We can all agree that it has been a hell of a year. I’m sure many of us have chosen to look on the upside as well. A perfect example of this is, with all the craziness around us, we actually had a white Christmas Eve. At our house, we even had Alexa singing holiday music as the snow fell on the Port of Galilee. Naturally the temperature soared on D-Day and it rained, but it really snowed this Christmas! I even took pictures to savor the memory – another cheesy thing.
Finally here is the exercise for 2022, I will continue to do the same as I did in 2021 because things are not so bad and hopefully will improve for all of us. Happy New Year from the Ferry Dock Scribbler.

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