SOCAR AQS completes drilling project in Kazakhstan

Azerbaijan-based drilling company SOCAR AQS has completed a complex drilling project for Kazakhstan’s exploration and production company Eureka Oleum.

Under the project, SOCAR AQS provided drilling supervision services in three oilfields owned by Eureka Oleum.

Services included supervising the drilling of deviated oil wells to depths of 3,176, 3,222 and 3,600 meters. In addition, SOCAR AQS assisted Eureka Oleum in regular operations supervision, health, safety and environment (HSE) assistance, well monitoring, data acquisition using the tools difficult logging, coring, side runs and helped with other downhole challenges during operations.

“SOCAR AQS has extensive experience in providing drilling and well services, as well as the technical knowledge and capabilities to drill in complex onshore and offshore fields,” said Samir Mollayev, CEO of SOCAR AQS.

“As part of our ongoing international development objectives, the project with Eureka Oleum was another opportunity to provide our proven expertise in the field,” he noted, adding that staff safety was the main priority. company to fulfill its obligations safely and efficiently.

SOCAR AQS delivered its first drilling project in Kazakhstan in 2020. The project, which included supervising the drilling of a deviated oil well to a depth of 3,100 meters in one of Eureka Oleum’s fields, was carried out successfully. In 2021, SOCAR AQS was entrusted with the management of two other oil wells with a depth of 3,309 and 3,241 meters.

Established in 2007, SOCAR AQS is a joint venture between Azerbaijan’s national oil company SOCAR and Nobel Energy, a group of companies that provides integrated services to the energy industry in the Caspian region and beyond. Nobel Energy provides engineering, procurement, construction and project management (EPCM), PSCM, integrated services and drilling services through its numerous subsidiaries and joint ventures.

In October 2019, SOCAR AQS was awarded a major large-scale drilling contract worth $100 million with a Turkish-Chinese joint venture between China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd. and IC İçtaş İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret. The contract granted SOCAR AQS exclusive rights to drill 40 caverns in the Tuzgolu region, located south of the Turkish capital Ankara. Known as the Gas Storage Expansion Project, the contract is expected to increase Türkiye’s ability to meet a certain portion of its energy needs.

The Tuzgolu Underground Gas Storage Project was developed by BOTAŞ Petroleum Pipeline Corporation in 2003, to construct an underground gas storage site that will store 5.4 billion cubic meters (bcm) of gas. The physical capacity of each cavern was estimated at 630,000 normal cubic meters (Nm3) of gas.

The total depth of the wells in SOCAR AQS’s operations has been estimated at 62,000 meters, with each well being 1,550 meters deep.

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