‘Puressentiel has revolutionized the natural health sector’

Puressentiel continued to grow with the creation of subsidiaries abroad and the signing of new distribution agreements, under the leadership of CEO Rocco Pacchioni.

Since 2011, Puressentiel has had an international influence carried by Rocco Pacchioni, CEO of Puressentiel. It continued to grow with the creation of subsidiaries abroad and the signing of new distribution agreements. In a Q&A, Rocco Pacchioni, CEO of Puressentiel, gave more details. Extracts:
Q: How did the launch of Puressentiel India create the first aromatherapy lab and success story to date?
A: “An independent family laboratory with a simple belief in pure efficiency! Fifteen years ago my parents, Isabelle and Marco Pacchioni together created the Puressentiel Laboratory. Inspired by their common love and respect for nature, they started as a couple, continuing as a family, revolutionizing the essential oils market and the natural health sector.
Puressentiel sources what nature does best, always committed to an eco-responsible and ethical approach and offering the best to its users: simple, natural and effective products. Essential oils are precious and rare materials that come from leaves, fruits, seeds, bark and roots, collected on five continents. Huge amounts are sometimes needed to extract only a few drops of an active substance. Puressentiel ensures a 100% transparent, responsible, sustainable production and supply, to offer its users around the world durable, pleasant and easy-to-use products based on 100% pure and natural active ingredients. .
A pioneer in aromatherapy research, since its inception, Puressentiel has carried out more than 500 clinical studies and efficacy and tolerance tests, and more than 3,500 test and development procedures. All were carried out alongside hospital doctors and independent research centers.
Q: What do you think of the Indian aromatherapy and naturopathic public?
A: The Indian public is very enthusiastic about accepting and opening their minds to the new natural way of life. Essential oils are an integral part of Ayurveda, so the Indian market is familiar with the same. It was easier to launch the brand in India for the same reason.
Q: How has e-commerce helped the brand grow in India? Also, considering the stores on the ground that have been opened, what has been the response so far?
A: The pandemic has changed the standard practice of launching a new brand in any new territory. E-commerce has only grown in popularity and in India with Amazon and Nykaa we hope to see great potential as they have a large consumer base. Offline we started with Foodhall and Le Marche to cater to our target market and have seen a lot of loyal customers. We are very satisfied with the first response.
Q: What is the brand expansion strategy in India and are any new launches planned? Also tell us about your international activity.
A: Now that we are noticing an upward trend in sales, we have many plans for growth. We are launching a whole range of DIY essential oil kits for your daily worries. From lack of sleep, smooth skin, shiny hair and pain relief kits will become the new way of life. We hope to capture and educate the public about the benefits of aromatherapy. We are currently launching the kits and essential oils simultaneously in the 90 countries in which we distribute. India is therefore in phase with international launches and markets. Internationally, we continue to do R&D and innovation is at the heart of our philosophy. Thus, we are able to adapt quickly to demand. Growth and the development of new markets are the main focus at this time. European leader in natural and effective health, our ambition is to become a world leader.
Q: Considering that the pandemic has affected all sectors, tell us about the branding strategy.
A: Puressentiel was launched in India at a very critical time amid the Covid. The pandemic has actually helped and facilitated the shift in focus towards wellness and self-care. The strategy was to take the route of electronic commerce to raise awareness. We’re actually seeing a great response from offline stores. We also plan to switch to Duty Free once airport traffic resumes.
Q: How is Puressentiel an eco-responsible brand?
A: Puressentiel is committed to a 100% eco-responsible, ethical and sustainable commitment. For us, ensuring natural, pure, safe and effective products relies on continuous improvements and constant improvement in the formulas and processes of harvesting, manufacturing, packaging and distribution. The research and selection of ingredients and active principles, as well as all stages of the manufacturing process, follow an approach that must be ethical, ecological, responsible and sustainable. We therefore select our suppliers based on their ability to ensure full traceability throughout the supply chain, from cultivation to the finished product.
Q: Tell us about the Puressentiel Foundation and the projects it supports?
A: Committed to a fair and responsible approach, respectful of Man and his environment, Puressentiel has always supported many causes and solidarity associations since its creation. Giving something back to man and nature is the mission of the Puressentiel Foundation. Today, the Puressentiel Foundation is active all over the world and has already led numerous charitable initiatives around the world, in particular in South Africa, Burkina Faso, Belgium, France, Haiti, Lebanon, Madagascar. , Morocco, Niger, the Philippines, Togo, Rwanda and Vietnam. .

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