New Google streaming device spotted in FCC testing

Earlier this year, rumors started circulating that Google was working on a “cheaper” version of its Chromecast video streaming dongle. It would make sense for Google to offer a device for the market segment that doesn’t need a device that supports a resolution higher than 1080p, as the current model supports 4K HDR.


Recently, it was revealed that Google submitted a device, the G454V, for FCC review. In the filing, it’s described as a “wireless device,” which in the past Google has used the same description for products like Nest Audio, Chromecast Voice Remote, and Daydream View Controller.

As of the filing, the device supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 802.11ac connectivity. The biggest reveal of what this device could be comes from its description in the test setup, which describes it as a wireless streaming device. Additionally, the unit is tested with a remote control device described in the FCC test documentation.

New Google streaming device spotted in FCC 2 testing |

Google releasing a new low-end model would give Google the chance to better compete with low-cost offerings from Roku and Amazon. Many Chromecast loyalists hoped that Google would update their current model with additional storage and RAM. Even if a device has been submitted to the FCC for approval, not all devices submitted for review make it to market. While this happens occasionally, it’s a pretty good sign of an upcoming launch, as manufacturers usually make such submissions to the FCC as the last step in a product’s development cycle. As of now, pricing and release dates have not been announced by Google.

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