NASA Selects 6 Suppliers for Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator Development Contracts

Six companies have received seven contracts from NASA to build inflatable aerodynamic retarder systems for spacecraft entry, descent and landing operations and aerocapture missions.

Suppliers will compete for task orders to design, produce and test materials, subassemblies, components, flight items, engineering development units and proof of concept items, NASA said Thursday.

IAD development contracts are divided into three technical streams with a total execution period of 10 years.

Technical Track A has a contract cap of $140 million and covers the design, manufacture and testing of inflatable structures.

Technical Track B has a total value of $92 million and encompasses the design, development and testing of flexible thermal protection systems.

The contractors will design, produce and test gas generator inflation technologies under Technical Pathway C, which has a maximum contract value of $37 million.

Jackson Bond Enterprises received two of the total awards. The other winners are:

  • Airborne Systems North America
  • Anasphere
  • CFD Research
  • Scientist Miller
  • Ryzing Technologies

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