Naftogaz and Symbio Infrastructure agree deliveries of Canadian low-carbon LNG and green hydrogen to Ukraine

“This agreement is an important step on Ukraine path of transition to diverse energy supplies from around the world, which we began in late 2014, when we stopped the direct import of Russian natural gas. Since then, we have strengthened our energy independence by being an active player in the European energy market. We believe that it is possible to obtain a reliable and responsibly produced long-term energy supply from allies such as Canada – and Symbio facilities – by 2027 is essential for our energy security, transition and future economic prosperity,” said Yuriy Vitrenko, CEO of Naftogaz Ukraine.

Jim IllichFounder and Chairman of Symbio Infrastructure, said, “Power from Symbio’s innovative, net-zero hydropower infrastructure will provide competitive power to Ukraine and significantly reduce global GHG emissions by displacing higher-emitting energy sources used in Europesuch as coal, heavy fuel oil and the more carbon-intensive sources of natural gas and LNG. »

The parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on June 5 in washington d.c. The parties anticipate that LNG and LH2 will be delivered to an import terminal in a mutually agreed European transit country. Symbio will supply the lowest carbon LNG in the world to Europe thanks to from Canada strict regulatory standards for the production of natural gas and the innovative use of renewable hydroelectricity to power its facilities.

This Memorandum of Understanding advances the stated ambition of the Canadian government, which has publicly confirmed its keen interest in helping Europe address its energy crisis and the need for LNG supply diversification by accelerating relevant approvals to export natural gas from the East Canada at Europe through ultra-low emissions LNG export facilities with the capability to export hydrogen in the future.

Naftogaz is the largest public company in Ukraine, engaged in a full cycle of field exploration and development, production and exploration drilling, oil and gas storage, processing and distribution of petroleum products, natural gas and liquefied gas to consumers . Naftogaz is committed to future generations, which is why one of its strategic objectives is to build “green” energy assets to enable the energy transformation of Naftogaz and the decarbonization of the Ukrainian economy.

Symbio, through its subsidiary GNL Québec, is developing Énergie Saguenay, the world’s first large-scale carbon-neutral liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility in Quebec, Canada. The industry benchmark facility will liquefy and export 10.5 million tonnes or 15 billion cubic meters (bcm)/yr of clean LNG to Europe (about 17% of Germany’s annual gas consumption or about half of Ukraine consumption) at competitive prices due to its short shipping distance to Europe and cost savings achieved through from Canada cold climate.

Symbio will contribute to diversifying the European energy supply and will contribute Europe energy transition by building sustainable and net-zero energy infrastructure, producing LNG and becoming one of the world’s largest exporters of green liquid H2. Pending the opportunity for regulatory approvals, Symbio’s projects are expected to start their activities in 2027.

SOURCE Symbio Infrastructure

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