Latin dance on Cloud Nine as infill drilling confirms premium kaolin deposit

Latin Resources is likely to boost confidence in Cloud Nine’s halloysite-kaolin resources, after infill drilling intersected thick zones of unusually bright kaolinized granite.

Nearly two-thirds of the holes drilled to date have been analyzed for brightness, which is strongly correlated to the purity of the kaolin resource, with results such as 43m at ISO‐B 85.4 from 7m highlighting the quality of the deposit.

The results increase the likelihood that Latin Resources (ASX:LRS) could upgrade a significant portion of the current inferred resources of 207 Mt of kaolinized granite – including a 50 Mt sub-domain grading 6% halloysite – into the Indicated and Measured categories with a higher level of confidence.

Geotechnical drilling for bulk density measurements was also successfully completed and will provide vital data for an updated resource estimate, which is currently underway.

Kaolin is used in the paper and ceramics industries, although new applications are always being discovered, while halloysite is used in the existing ceramics, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics markets, as well as in battery and nanotechnology sectors.

Halloysite from the project in Western Australia is also being tested by CRC CARE for use in reducing emissions, specifically for reducing methane emissions from livestock.

“This is an exciting time for the Cloud Nine project, with our team busy steadily advancing the project through the pre-feasibility study,” said exploration manager Tony Greenaway.

“The latest results for kaolin luminosity continued to reaffirm that the Cloud Nine project is a world-class kaolin deposit.

“Upgrading the JORC kaolin resource and collecting bulk kaolin samples are two important milestones for the project and will allow the company to further progress towards the potential development of its first mining operation.”

Infill and geotechnical drilling

The infill drilling program has returned significant, near-surface thicknesses of kaolinized granite, with 66% of the holes analyzed so far yielding results above ISO-80-B, with several holes achieving brightness above ISO-85 -B.

Notable results besides the highest shot include 38m at 85.3 ISO-B from 12m, 25m at 85.2 ISO-B from 17m, and 18m at 87.3 ISO-B from 6 m.

The nine-hole sonic geotechnical drilling program also recovered core representative of the existing resource footprint.

In situ dry bulk density data is an integral part of the ongoing resource estimation work at Cloud Nine and will improve confidence levels in the current inferred JORC resource, while geotechnical data is required for design and construction work. Mine planning currently underway. part of the PSF.

More news to come

Latin engaged Southern Geoscience Consultants to manage a very detailed airborne magnetic and radiometric survey covering its extensive regional building complex.

This work aims to define other exploration targets along nearly 105 kilometers of prospective tenure.

Processing of this data, which will include structural interpretation and hyperspectral processing of satellite data, is expected to be completed in the third quarter.

Digital elevation data will be collected as part of the survey for use in future scoping studies, obviating the need for further DEM surveys and significantly reducing costs.

The company has also started the authorization and approval process for the development of Cloud Nine.

It has submitted a work program application under the current exploration license to the Ministry of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety to enable the excavation of a trial mining test pit , requests for conversion of the exploration license into a mining exploitation license and the programming of the start of the basic environmental studies.

Kaolin from the test pit will be used in large-scale metallurgical testing and to produce bulk product samples that can be sent to external parties who are in discussion regarding potential off-take agreements.

Several small-scale samples have already been provided to both parties, with discussions including the option of supplying short-term direct-shipment ore, which will represent a quick route to cash flow, and supplying products of processed kaolinite and halloysite with longer term added value. term.

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