Government Will Soon Release Standards for Electric Vehicle Battery Quality Testing | India News

NEW DELHI: The government will come up with detailed guidelines on the quality test standard for batteries used in electric vehicles (EVs) in the next month. The guidelines will also specify sample test parameters bearing in mind reports of more electric vehicles, particularly two-wheelers catching fire, sources said.
“Investigations into all electric vehicle fire accidents are continuing. We will come up with guidelines that will put things in order. Battery quality seems to be an issue and so there needs to be some detailed standards and parameters for their testing and we would define what the sample size would be to do such testing,” a source said.
There is also a possibility that the government will subject electric vehicle batteries manufactured and sold in India to the Quality Control Order (QCO) regime given the safety concerns. Products placed under QCO must comply with the notified Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The standards have been notified
Even industry analysts have said it is high time the government passed the regulations to ensure there is no compromise in the quality of EV products. “If the government had come up with strict regulations earlier, the electric vehicle industry would have delayed the whole start. But now, with so many players in the market and an increase in product sales, there is a need to notify the regulations Any delay will cause huge damage to the health growth of the electric vehicle sector,” said one of the industry experts. He said that currently most of the players in this segment are largely using imported batteries and therefore quality control is a problem.

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