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Irfan Trambou

Srinagar, July 2: Despite being established three years ago, patient care at Government Medical College (GMC) Anantnag remains impacted due to the lack of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine apart from several other tests that are not performed there.
Due to the absence of MRI machine at the hospital, patients are either forced to travel to get tested at GMC Srinagar or have to get the same done from private diagnostic centers in the district.
In such a scenario, there has been a proliferation of private diagnostic centers that perform the MRI scans and charge a good amount to patients who are in urgent need of treatment.
“If we had a facility at GMC Anantnag, we wouldn’t have been forced to do the same from the private sector – and those who can’t afford it have no choice but to do the same from Srinagar “said a local. .
Residents said that in an emergency, treatment is delayed in case the patient needs an MRI scan. “In such cases, treatment is often delayed; there are only two options left to perform the analysis and if the patient faces financial problems, then he is in a difficult situation.
Apart from no MRI examination, the hospital only conducts basic investigations along with a few other important investigations.
According to details available with Excelsior, tests that are not performed at GMC Anantnag include ERCP, MRCP, EEG, Bronchoscopy, PET and Bone Scan, while basic blood tests like blood culture, pus culture, PSA, coagulogram, CpK, as well as important biomarkers such as CEA 125, CRP, RF, ANA, Iron Profile, Hormone Profile are also not performed at this time.
The basic tests that are performed are CBC, KFT, LFT, Blood Glucose, Triple Serology, Blood Grouping, Trop-T, Lipid Profile, BG, Electrolytes, Pleural Fluid Analysis, ECG, ECHO, PFT, CT, USG, Doppler and X-rays.
Dr Tariq Qureshi, who is the director of GMC Anantnag, told Excelsior that they have submitted the request for the MRI machine to the relevant authorities and hope to get it by the end of November. “We have been assured that we will receive the MRI by November,” he said.
Regarding the failure to carry out the tests, he said the majority of the tests are carried out in hospitals while in some, he said, some problems have been solved.
” We realize. T3, T4, Trop-T, Hep-C, Hep-C, HIV; we had some problems with the technicians for the CPRE test; the technicians have been trained now and the problem has been solved; for biomarkers, some are done, some are not. Essentially, we’ll need to get an extra parser. Right now, we’re not doing the enhanced biomarkers,” he said.

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