Gas thieves drill into gas tanks in Omaha subway

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – With gas prices so high, gas thieves are getting creative.

Omaha police said thieves drilled into gas tanks and collected the gas that leaked out.

Kristen Stanislav moves into an apartment complex in Elkhorn, where neighbors say someone drilled into gas tanks. She said, “It sounds a little crazy. With inflation, people are probably getting more and more desperate trying to get where they need to go.

Omaha police have said they have reported 12 gasoline thefts so far this year and some have involved drilling.

The police say it’s rare.

Rick Bettger of Omaha Car Care says it could also be dangerous. He said: “It looks like a high risk, low reward type of crime. I don’t think you want to make a spark and then blow up the car.

Mechanics say thieves most likely target newer cars with plastic gas tanks.

Bettger says most newer cars have plastic gas tanks, due to weight restrictions and thieves may have turned to drilling because siphoning isn’t easy.

Bettger said, “With all the restrictions that have been placed on fuel caps and fuel delivery systems, it’s very difficult to siphon these days.”

Worse still, repairs don’t come cheap.

Bettger said, “Trying to fix it, you’re going to end up with bills of at least a thousand dollars trying to replace any gas tank on a vehicle.”

Mechanics say a driver who has had his tank punctured and doesn’t know it could be in danger if his car gets near a spark.

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