Fernando Tatis Jr’s PED suspension catches the eye of former Red Sox All-Star

Fernando Tatis Jr’s PED suspension has taken the MLB world by storm. There was no shortage of reactions from many different people. However, former Boston Red Sox All-Star closest Jonathan Papelbon offered one of the spiciest and most controversial takes yet on the San Diego Padres shortstop, according to Fox News. .

“This whole Tatis thing, man, it almost pisses me off,” Papelbon said. “I worked so long and so hard and I did it the right way. For me to see something like this hurts me so much. I’ll tell you right now – if I pitched, every time I face this guy, I punch him in. I don’t care if I make a point and lose the match.

Six-time MLB All-Star Jonathan Papelbon was known as one of baseball’s most spirited players. He often showed a lot of emotion on the mound. He also argued with teammate Bryce Harper during his time at the Washington Nationals. So it’s not that shocking to see him say that about Fernando Tatis Jr.

But Tatis Jr is not the only player on his list.

“Yeah. Manny Machado. Samy Sosa. I can go on and on. The thing is, it’s mutual respect from the players and all of that is gone. I feel like that’s what the game is missing. »

Papelbon isn’t the only former All-Star to weigh in on Fernando Tatis Jr.’s situation. New York Yankees legend Alex Rodriguez, who used PEDs himself, had a more sentimental approach to the news.

Regardless of your thoughts on Fernando Tatis Jr, there is no doubt that his use of PED is horrible for baseball.

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