Croatian company Span hints at Fintech ambitions with joint project

April 24, 2022 – Croatian company Span seems to be spreading its wings even further after its announced takeover of software company Ekobit a few weeks ago. This time, his eyes are on fintech.

Like Poslovniy Dnevnik/Jadranka Dozan writes, one of the leading IT companies in the entire Republic of Croatia, which was listed on the Zagreb Stock Exchange seven months ago after an IPO, recently informed the investment community about the creation of Fintech Digital Services .

According to a statement from the stock exchange, the Zagreb Commercial Court issued a decision last week on the registration of the establishment of this company.

This is a joint project that the Croatian company Span has entered into with two other co-founding partners. These are two companies from Varazdin – the technology startup Identity Consortium which was launched in 2018, and the company Karfijam.

Along with Span and Identity Consortium, which each own 35% of the share capital, Karfijam owns the remaining 30% of the company’s share. According to data from the court registry, the founder of the Identity Consortium, Robert Ilijas, is also the director of this brand new company.

As a global IT group, the Croatian company Span currently provides a wide range of cloud services to its customers, as well as cybersecurity and support services, and more details on the profile of the newly formed fintech company and the niches of digital transformation it envisions. to be positioned are announced for the beginning of May.

Until more information is released early next month, it remains to be noted that the Varazdin-based identity consortium has bragged about launching the Identyum NOW web portal. Other development plans, they say, include FinCheck for electronic and automated verification of the other party’s financial parameters and even the development of a mobile application (app).

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