covid: Civil Hosp Drill verifies gaps in Covid care | Gurgaon News

Gurgaon: The Department of Health on Sunday held a drill at Sector 10 Civil Hospital to ensure readiness for prompt medical response to Covid patients with respiratory ailments.
As part of the exercise, an ambulance carrying a volunteer, acting as a critical Covid patient, arrived at the hospital at 9am. Four health workers in PPE kits took him to the Covid wing, where they put him on oxygen.
Haryana’s health department had ordered all districts to conduct drills in public hospitals on Sunday to identify gaps in medical care for Covid patients.
The exercise at the Civil Hospital continued for two hours with Gurgaon Chief Medical Officer Dr. Virender Yadav attending the event. “We conducted the exercise to check the ambulance management cell, oxygen supply and issues that may arise in the event of an increase in Covid hospitalizations,” Yadav said. “The administration is well prepared to deal with any unpleasant scenario. We also assessed drug supplies at the central pharmacy and the quantity of drugs in the warehouse. »
Meanwhile, doctors at the hospital responded to various scenarios involving mild, moderate and severe patients. They transferred a volunteer to another hospital in record time. They also carried out protocols when the oxygen supply equipment is not working.
“The drill ensured that the hospital staff know their duty and can handle in case of emergency,” said Dr. Manish Rathi, Deputy Medical Officer of the Civil Hospital.

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