Coronavirus: latest information on the outbreak of the COVID-19 community – Monday, November 22

13:44 – Here is the regional breakdown of the Ministry of Health on new cases:

Auckland Update

Today, there are 175 new cases to report in Auckland.

There are 18 community centers available for testing in Auckland today. The Northcote, Balmoral, Otara and Wiri testing centers continue to operate for extended hours to increase access to testing.

People in Auckland with symptoms, even mild ones, are urged to get tested – even if they are vaccinated – and remain in isolation until they return a negative result.

Public health staff are now helping 4,416 people self-isolate in their homes around Auckland, which includes 1,570 cases.

MidCentral Update

Today, we are reporting a new case in the MidCentral region. This case will be included in the official tally on Tuesday, as the case was notified after the Monday morning shutdown.

This person is based in Palmerston North and is linked to a previously reported case. Public health staff have deemed the risk to public health as low as this person has isolated since November 17.

All places of interest will be uploaded to the MoH webpage if and when they are identified.

Anyone in the Pahiatua area who has the mildest symptoms is encouraged to get a swab, given the positive sewage results on November 15, 16 and 18.

The ministry continues to encourage testing for anyone with mild symptoms of COVID-19 in Horowhenua, Manawatū and Tararua.

For more information on testing sites in the region, please visit Healthpoint and visit the Midcentral DHB Facebook page.

Yesterday there were 267 tests in the MidCentral region. For a complete list of vaccination centers in the MidCentral region, please visit Healthpoint.

Waikato update

There are 20 new cases reported in Waikato today. Test sites are now operating across Waikato in Hamilton, Otorohanga, Huntly, Thames, Te Kuiti, Tokoroa and Putaruru.

Yesterday 2,106 tests were performed in Waikato and 639 vaccinations were administered. Yesterday, the region passed 90 percent of the eligible population having received their first dose.

In the Waikato region, public health workers are now caring for 145 cases to be isolated at home.

Bay of Abondance

Five new cases are reported in Abondance Bay today. Four of these cases are linked to existing cases in Mount Maunganui. Investigations are underway into possible links between the remaining case and known cases.

It is essential that anyone with cold or flu symptoms be tested as quickly as possible – maintaining a high rate of testing in the Bay of Plenty will help contain the spread of COVID-19.

Testing locations for the Bay of Plenty can be found on the Healthpoint website. The case interviews continue to identify new places of interest, which are regularly added to the web page.

Anyone who lives or has traveled to the area is advised to monitor places of interest daily and follow the advice given.

some lakes

Today we are announcing a new case in Lakes. This case is in Taupō and is a close contact of a known case.

Anyone with COVID-related symptoms in the area is encouraged to get tested, even if the symptoms are mild. The tests are available today in Rotorua and Taupō.

Please see the Healthpoint website for details. Yesterday, 313 tests were carried out across the region.

Northland Update

Four new cases were reported in Northland today. Three of them are in Kaikohe and are linked to an existing business.

The fourth case is a frontier worker who has not yet been linked to a known case. Public health officials are now questioning this case to determine if it is a community or border-related case, and to identify any place of interest.

All active cases are being taken care of in the community, with the exception of one person who is in Whangarei hospital in stable condition.

Yesterday 361 swabs were taken in Northland. There were also 177 vaccinations administered, bringing Northland’s cumulative total to 247,289. Vaccination clinics open in Northland today can be found here.

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