Bear Drill 1 – October 30, 2022

In addition to drilling a second Fiord West well on the North Slope this winter, ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc., or CPAI, will drill a Brookian exploration well on ununited state lands that stretch south of Alpine.

In a recent speech in Anchorage, CPAI President Erec Isaacson described it as a game of Brookian’s top set.

Dubbed the Bear 1 exploration well, the project lies west of the central north slope, approximately 22 miles south of Nuiqsut and four miles east of the Colville River.

In its lease operating plan, exploration phase, CPAI told the Alaska Oil and Gas Division that the well will be drilled on ADL Oil and Gas Lease 393519 encompassing some 1,440 acres. According to a state lease map, it is part of a block of leases held by CPAI that are bordered on the north and east by Oil Search (Alaska), or OSA, operated leases.

Early January

A 30-mile snow trail will be constructed to access the site from the DS-2P platform. A 500-by-500-foot ice rink will be built at DS-2P to organize equipment and house a mobile camp, CPAI told the division.

The Bear 1 drilling pad will measure 700 feet by 700 feet for a total area of ​​11.25 acres.

Structures including a drilling rig, maintenance buildings, associated warehouses, tanks, incinerator, office buildings, communications tower, mobile camps and other small temporary buildings will be located on the platform. form of drilling.

Lake MC7908 will be used as a temporary airstrip to transport personnel and materials to the project site.

The Bear 1 project is expected to start in January. All operations will be performed from the rink and all facilities will be temporary, CPAI told the division.

Busy season ahead

“The North Slope will have one of its busiest exploration and delineation seasons in years this winter,” MNR Deputy Commissioner John Crowther said recently.

CPAI is definitely part of that scenario (see the article in this issue titled “Willow construction on” for a discussion of some of its plans).

On October 20, Isaacson confirmed that the company was moving forward with another ultra-extended reach well into the Fiord West satellite in the Colville River unit west of the central North Slope.

On May 18, CPAI obtained first oil from Fiord West’s first well, CD2-310. This was a record horizontal well drilled in the Kuparuk formation by Doyon Rig 26, also known as the “Beast” due to its immense size.

The well was drilled to a total measured depth of 35,526 feet, making it the longest onshore well in North America.

Given the “significant challenges observed” in the well which caused delays, CPAI said its “drilling plans for 2022 have been updated to include a drilling pause” for Doyon Rig 26 in order to be able to “improve the DRE drilling operations”.

The rig had started drilling Fiord West CD2-310 in the second quarter of 2021; it was only completed in May 2022.

“This pause in the ERD program,” CPAI said at the time, “will be used to incorporate lessons learned from running the CD2-310 and make any required engineering changes to ERD well designs in the future.”

Although the well may not have been completed on time, it exceeded CPAI’s expectations for production.

On June 1, CPAI said the Fiord West CD2-310 had been “sinking steadily” at 11,500 barrels of oil per day.

“The well choke is now fully open. A high rate was reached on May 25” of 12,000 barrels of oil per day, CPAI said.

Initially, the company hoped to produce some 20,000 barrels of oil per day from the satellite, but that came from multiple wells.

CPAI said the well will be pre-produced before being converted to permanent injection service.

As of October 24, Doyon 26 is still in “warm stack” but remains under contract with CPAI. It will be used for the second Fiord West well.

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