Affine and IITM-AMTDC Announce Collaborative Research and Testing of New-Era Technology in Manufacturing

Affine, the leading provider of artificial intelligence and data engineering solutions, said Thursday it has worked with Advanced Manufacturing Technology Development Center, a machine tool center of excellence set up by IIT Madras, to research and test technological developments.

The Advanced Manufacturing Technology Development Center, in association with Affine, would research and test technology development, for specific use cases. This would help bolster Affine’s research and development efforts towards Industry 4.0 and the manufacturing sector, according to a company statement.

“As an emerging leader in AI-driven innovation, it would be unfair to say that India is lagging behind in technology adoption. We have leaped into the next technological age, simultaneously accelerating digital adoption, ”said Rajesh Narayan, Vice President of Affine India Business.

“We excel in research and development on some of the most innovative products and solutions for customers around the world, focusing on engineering and manufacturing as a skill,” he said.

This opportunity to collaborate with IIT-M AMTDC opens up new horizons for us while continuing to contribute to the growth of the industry, he added.

With a globally distributed team of over 500 analytics professionals, Affine covers end-to-end capabilities ranging from modern data engineering to basic AI and scalable cloud deployment in North America. , in Europe and Asia.

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