You don’t have a bank account or your account was taken by a bailiff? Are you looking for a way out of financial problems? An option that you may want to consider is loans at your client’s home. Check available offers and find the best loan.

Home loans – when an online loan is not available

Home loans - when an online loan is not available

In recent years, loans that you can get online – without leaving your home or meeting with consultants have enjoyed unflagging popularity. Online loans only require you to complete an application for financing and make a verification transfer from your personal bank account. If your application is approved, the money will go directly to your bank account.

Seems simple? It’s not always like that. The problem with using an online loan arises when you do not have a bank account or when your account is occupied by a bailiff. Then any inflow to the account (including the loan) will be immediately taken by the bank. The solution in this situation may be to receive money in hand, or use a loan with home service.

A home service loan? Only in non-bank companies

Loans at the customer’s home are a product that you will not find in the banks’ offer. This is due to the fact that cash loans are associated with a much larger number of formalities and legal restrictions.

Home loans – for whom?

Home loans - for whom?

To get a home loan, you’ll most often have to:

  • have a valid ID
  • be a Polish citizen and have a PESEL number,
  • have a residence or registered address,
  • meet the age criterion (depending on the loan company, the minimum age of the borrower is 18 or 21 years; the maximum age usually ranges from 65 to 80 years).

Additional requirements may be different, depending on the rules of the particular non-banking company. Some companies may require you to:

  • confirmation of monthly income (based on a statement, certificate from the employer or bank statement),
  • a document confirming your professional situation (e.g. employment contract),
  • positive credit history and no entries in the BIK or KRD.

If you do not have regular income, you are unemployed, indebted or if you have had problems in the past with timely repayment of obligations (credits, loans, bills for telecommunications services, maintenance), you should pay attention to payday loans without BIK . They are distinguished by the smallest number of formalities you have to complete to receive money. Companies that offer loans without checking the BIK and KRD databases do not verify your credit history, professional or financial standing.

Loans at home – where to look?

Loans at home - where to look?

Advertisements of companies offering loans at the client’s home can be seen almost everywhere – in newspapers, leaflets, at stops or on the Internet. It is worth knowing that not all of them involve honest services.

In order not to fall victim to fraud, you should not sign a loan agreement with a company whose practice raises any doubts for you. You should be especially careful about unknown companies. Taking out a loan in a large loan company with a good reputation is definitely a safer option. Where to look for them? A good place can be the SumMoney comparison website or our payday loans rankings.

Loans at the client’s home – how does it look in practice?

Loans at the client

Home loans are distinguished by the fact that the loan agreement and the transfer of money to you take place in your apartment. Check how to take advantage of a home loan step by step.

  1. Use the loan comparison website at SumMoney, browse the offers of various non-bank companies and find the best offer for you. Make sure the company you choose has home-based loans.
  2. Click “take a loan” and you will be directed to the website of the selected loan company. Prepare your ID card.
  3. Submit a loan application and indicate that you want to take out a loan at your client’s home. The number and type of questions in the application depends on the requirements of the particular loan company, however, filling out the application should usually not take more than a dozen or so minutes.
  4. Send the request and wait for a company representative to contact you.
  5. During the conversation with the consultant, discuss all the loan details and arrange to sign the contract.
  6. Before you sign anything, carefully read all the provisions of the contract.
  7. After signing the document you will receive the loan amount in your hand.
  8. On the agreed date, the consultant will show up at your home for a refund of the borrowed amount plus interest and fees.

Home service loan – what to look for?

Home service loan - what to look for?

Each consultant’s visit to your home will incur additional costs. If you are not at home on the agreed day (and you do not inform the loan company about this), you will most likely pay extra for it. What’s more, if you have problems paying off your debt, the consultant may visit you from time to time – every time you don’t open or return the agreed amount, additional fees will be charged. You should find information on any costs in the home loan agreement.

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